Ireland is Dead

Pretenses and vagrants
I see the symbols run
I hold authenticity in my hand
Cracked stone and raging fire
I lay upon it waiting
Wounded ears
Conformed mutilation
There’s nothing here
Invaded by stereo
Micheal Collins would be suicidal
They tell me its okay
Worldly nothings
I leave different
I can’t come back
Ireland is dead to me
New to everyone else


One response to “Ireland is Dead

  1. What’s up with the new tat? I reminds me of a rune that means “As above, below”. Except all the vertical lines are below. Hope that doesn’t have any subtext if you know what I mean. Need to get some color added to it LOL. By the way, I got seven extensive tattoos in the first two years after my divorce. And three motorcycles. And got a job travelling the world which made having three motorcycles kind of superfluous. Grew my hair out to way past my shoulders. Just got that cut off yesterday here in Germany. Just to say, do what you want, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

    [J: The new tat is based off of Sympathy for the Devil, the song. Horns, burned wings, pitchfork on the bottom. The two triangles represent an hour glass (karma, justice, your life, is always there) and when shown on its side its infinity, as in the Devil or any kind of bad thing in your life will always be around, forever. You’ll love the next post I’m putting up in a sec. The 24 hours between Apr 30 and my arriving in CA May 1 is making for a loooooong story.]

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