Change (In The House of Flies), Part 4: The Resurrection, Part 2

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Ass in my crotch, laying on me as I sat on the stool, I was God. It was just a kiss, but it was a resurrection like no other. I was drenched in the afterbirth of a new beginning. To the indifferent world, everything was still the same. The twice-gender ninja still swung its hips. Lana was still helping N. M was still looking like a square, but he was enjoying the new things in front of him. I was still Jordan. Bearded, homeless, smokes and lighter in one breast pocket, Tattoo Goo and wallet in the other. Keys in the jeans. Boots on my feet. I hadn’t changed to the physical eye, but my third eye had just opened and brought new understanding to everything I sensed. I saw Spike’s reactions to Seasons’ words and actions. It was time to work the herd.

Not long after she was on my hook, I breathed in my single-serving girl’s ear, “I have to tell Spike something.” I covered her audio receivers and leaned in to the dour looking woman, “I’m only in Salt Lake City one more day. You don’t have to worry about her. Nothing is going to happen.” Spike smiled slightly and nodded. I uncovered Seasons’ ears and she begged to know what I said. I shook my head, so she leaned in to Spike and the dear girl said I gave Seasons a compliment. That grin returned. C had gone to get more drinks, but the rush for the bar had created a clusterfuck of people. Of the 3 bar bartenders, C had chosen the longest line with the bartender everyone knew and loved. My tab was with the third one, the lesser liked one, and his line was always shorter. During this time M looked mostly and talked some while I basically baby talked Seasons. Adrian finally showed at the club and Seasons swooshed the chains of his gothic duster. Arm around her waist, constantly pulling her into my hips, she was mine to hold and mine to let go. When she and Spike went off soon after, Lana came over and asked how I was doing. I said I got in a kiss. Lana looked at me and smiled, then turned to M and said, “Hope you enjoyed it.”

When the friends returned, Seasons took me by the hand. I looked at M. He nodded slightly and said, “Go dance” He sat alone, still waiting for C to return with drinks. They lead me into the dance area and up a small about of stairs to the stage. Spike found a dark corner and started dancing awkwardly and slowly. Seasons’ ass found my dick and attached to it like a magnet. Gyration, rubbing, bouncing; with something pressing against her, she was motivated. I barely moved unless she was really into it, then I went with the flow of her hips to keep up the illusion I can dance. While my cock was getting a gluteus massage, I saw that Spike was checking her phone over and over and over. Seasons had said earlier Spike was waiting on a guy “who smelled like Abercrombie and Fitch”.

“The smell or the smell of the store?” I had asked.

“The store. I love it there. I’m really preppy!” she had said enthusiastically.

After only ten minutes, I couldn’t risk this turning sour quickly. I grabbed Seasons’ hips and told her, “Go dance with Spike, I’ll be with my friends.” She nodded. I made sure to grab another few kisses from her before I returned to Lana’s corner. M was still alone, wondering where C was. I texted C: You get lost? After that, I noticed that Lana sent me a message.



That was all. It came across as a question.

Her friend is checking her phone every minute. Won’t get far if her friend wants to leave.

True. Can’t help ya there.

Nope. I got it. Not like I’m taking her back to your place lol.


M wondered if Seasons would come back. I told her if she didn’t I didn’t care. Again, I mentioned it as just practice. Something I’d say a lot that night. A lesson to be learned. To make it believable, say it once. To say it over and over knocks the credibility of the statement, no matter how true. With Seasons’, I was batting a thousand with that rule in mind. With my friends, no so much. But, it didn’t matter. As M would later say, “Baby steps.” Amen, brother. Eventually, C came back with a drink for me and a drink for herself. She recounted the hell that was the line. People talking about her when she could hear. Snark and shit about her looking out of it. She didn’t let it phase her. C asked where my friend was. I recounted the antsy Spike and the phone of constant phantom vibration. Words and drinks, then C was looking at the stage for her target of the night, a guy dressed up as a wolf furry (think the creepy CSI episode) and M was looking elsewhere, I see the spikes and the big tits in tow. I mimicked tossing out a line, getting a tug and reeling it in.

Click, click, click, click, click.

They go to the bar to get Spike a water, then right before coming into the corner, Seasons is stopped by a creepy couple. They were decent looking, but who wouldn’t be a little jittered by a cowboy pulling a wife-cat on a leash. C and M watched them as I watched the dance floor, making small talk. C mentions to me that they were trying to recruit Seasons into a threesome. I turned to watch them and sure enough, the cowboy was doing his damn best to put on an air for the intoxicated girl. Touching her arm, making her laugh, the best he could. I mention to C that I should go over and cockblock them. She laughs and says do it, but I stand back. Abundance mentality. This night wouldn’t get a lay no matter what, so no reason to fret. A long chat later, Seasons puts her ass back in my lap, her back on my chest and moves her hair to the other side of her neck. A move she had been doing over and over which I ignored. With the magnetism of creep non-existent, I finally rewarded her with kisses on her jugular. I asked her what the coupled wanted. C was right. I asked why she didn’t want to do it. My new pet said, “Because!” and pushed in closer. I left it at that. She was entranced with me to the point that I cockblocked the swingers by presence alone. “I am God”, I reiterated to myself quietly, giving a smile to C who was surprised, again. Seasons turned and my lips showered her neck again. I had forgotten what a woman’s skin tasted like. It was after midnight. Still so much time left to enjoy.