Game Review: Last Night in SLC

A retroactive review of what sparked it all. I thought about not doing it since I wrote a couple thousand words on the night, but then I realized I did make a ton of mistakes, so why the hell not?

For those who couldn’t be arsed to read my lengthy pontifications: drunk girl comes over to hit on my female friend/look at shiny things. Drunk girl teases male friend and I about being gay. I kissed drunk girl to “prove I’m not gay”. Drunk girl become enamored with me all night. Push/pull. Negs. I tried to placate the friend who was always at risk of major cockblock. Had tons of fun, but no notch.

What I knew:

  • I wanted to get laid. I wanted to have fun. Yet, I had felt no game and was targeting the wrong girl. I had no other path at the time, so I went with it.

What I learned:

  • Be forward. Always be forward. What got me this girl was taking a risk and it work out in spades. If I had ignored my instincts, I would have been pursuing the wrong girl the entire night. I wouldn’t of had fun or the motivation to keep my game going.
  • Recruit wingmen. I had C and M with me. C wasn’t bi and M was nerd-shy. With a decent wingman, I could of isolated my girl from her friend. The wingman I was looking for actually showed up much later in the night and totally outside my control. It probably would have been the perfect time to take the target away to some place quiet, but I didn’t jump at the chance.
  • No excuses. While I did amazing for what my track record has on it, I still pawned off indecisiveness as someone else’s fault. The friend, mostly. I could of gotten some. This chick came back 3 times, happy to see me. From the background, I cockblocked a couple trolling for a threesome because she liked me better than them. And this girl talked slutty all night. It was there to take and I didn’t take it.
  • Move quick. I lingered a lot. I didn’t get into the good parts of her until late when I could have been on it early on.
  • Be aggressive. I worried about her friend while her friend was being standoffish. I should of taken advantage of it since I already had her friend hooked.
  • Stock condoms. ‘Nuff said.

All in all it was a very good night that could have been better, but I’m not fretting. Abundance abundance abundance!