Dick in a Box


“You’re such an asshole!” -The Ex


Sometimes when I read game blogs, or even Roosh’s BANG, I get the feeling that a lot of guys are trying to put on a face of charm that isn’t them. Roissy says fake it until you are it, which is fine, but it has to mesh with who you really are. I’m plenty goofy, so I can’t pull off the hardass, muscled Fabio style that some go for, or the straight g style of VK. You’ve got to play to your strengths. Which is why I’ve become a big fan of direct game.

While trying to game the Ex before the end, I did a lot. I tried asshole game, I tried beta provider, I was using tools without any training or any real feel for what I was doing. It obviously hurt what little chance I had left of keeping her around. None of it felt natural. It all felt like a thin sheet of film that made me move and act awkwardly.

I’m a natural dick. I tease, I goof off, my ego inflates to massive proportions and I can be quite selfish. Which all works perfectly when backed by the right game strategy. To house that to try to get a chick, like I read in some blogs, seems supremely counterproductive to me. It would like being married again or having to tip toe around the crazy ass chicks I’ve gone out with. That’s what made me beta in the first place.

Be what you are, not what you think will get you laid. Women can smell the fear and see the facade. I fake a lot of shit during my life because its what I thought people wanted. I ended up passing on great chances or scaring myself out of memorable nights, weeks, months and years. Now, as myself, I am 1000 times happier and 1000 times more likely to get some. No more standing on the wall waiting for the high school crush to feel my psychic prostrations filter through the music and the guys who actually talked to her. Instead, I’d drag her out of her circle, take her to the floor and do what I wanted until she pulls away out of disgust or swoons. Either way, it wouldn’t matter. Its me. ‘Nuff said.