No music for this, unless you like pseudo-lesbian Russian pop from 2000.

Two things got me thinking of this subject. First, this comment I left in response to a guy talking about tattoos:

Interesting tattoos work, more importantly. Everyone’s seen the MOM or the dual revolvers or tribal armband. If you’re gonna get inked, draw it yourself or have a friend design it. Give it meaning. Have a real good story behind it. Most importantly, act likes its not big deal to have it. Obvious displays can be sensed by anyone.

And this thread on the Roosh forum.

First off, tattoos should NEVER be taken lightly or on a whim. These things last forever and, at least in my humble opinion, should have some kind of meaning. Doing shit like this:

or this:

or this:


It just sets you up for shit down the road. Especially if you wanna go down the good boy/girl route when you’re ready to get married. If you’re gonna get inked for someone, because its , because you’re trying to piss someone off, because you’re drunk or high or take the small bus or because its trendy, just don’t and save yourself the hassle.

Second, and this is just more opinion on my part, have a theme. It doesn’t have to be strict, but people like patterns and some sort of uniformity. The Ex has a bit of that with angels wings on her back and a binary running down her spine, but she also has a color tangerine slice on her collarbone and assorted other things on her ankles. It just looks out of place to have color amongst black-only. To have a ying-yang/male-female tat on one part and a pi symbol on the other. People will ask what does it mean and “I like math” is an answer only chicks can pull off.

Mine, on the other hand, are themed with a simple rule: be simple and symmetrical. My eagle is based on this and this, then made as simple as possible. I have a tattoo on each upper arm in the exact same spot as the other. The SFTD one I just got is layered with meaning, but is less than 20 lines. The artist took more time getting the symmetry right than he did tattooing it. When I asked, I can say “Rolling Stones” as I tell my religious relatives that I stay with, or when a girl asks I can go into the hourglass/infinity/lessons of life/I’m a dick story. In fact, my next tattoo I’ve designed is just as simple, but carries just as much meaning as SFTD. Layering the meaning will help you with showing sensitivity without bring out a dead dog or former lover. You don’t have to design it on your own or keep it simple, sometimes someone else’s art touches you, but be damn sure you want it for the rest of your life.

Third, when I was in high school and many of the men and women of lesser brain capacity convinced their parents to sign off on getting tats, they walked around like it was the new shit. Tight shirts for the tramp stamps, sleeveless or rolled up tees for the guys. It was an obvious and pathetic display. If you’re as old as I am, you can’t pull that shit off anymore unless you know how to cloud it. When I was at Area 51, I was wearing a black BDU (army/paramedic) jacket with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. This showed off the new tattoo, but that wasn’t why I did it in the first place. I had just gotten the damn thing two days previous and it was still sore and I was putting Tattoo Goo on it every few hours. While the sleeve was down it irritated it and made the salve cake on my jacket. Only my friends and alert observers could tell it was new, my chick for the night never even commented. It was just there, as natural as my fingers or my eyes. That should be your end result of a tattoo. It should be part of you like your skin is. It shouldn’t make you stand out like a Precious at cheerleader practice. It should add, subtly, to your presence.

While I’m a preacher of direct game, my actions are only half, if not less, of what helps. The image has to be as layered as the meaning of my tattoos and anything that blinds the chick’s hindbrain with douche alerts will get you nowhere. A spotlight can show your flaws. Presence is felt more than seen. It hits the centers of your targets right where they can’t control: their psycho-sexual reaction.

The goal, gentlemen, is presence. Pick your tattoos carefully and smartly, as well as finding your style, and you’ll achieve it.


3 responses to “Tattoos

  1. Your right that your ink has to be original. I have seven tatts all designed and drawn by me and all of them have significant meaning. Let’s see:
    Upper right arm: Tribal triskelion, thick black outline with blue fill.
    Upper left arm. Large Gordian Knot with an infinity symbol interwoven into it. The knots blue and the infinity is yellow.
    Left pec. Got this one in Hawaii. Double skull yin-yang with red and yellow flames above and blue and grey water below all done in a Japanese style.
    Right shoulder blade. Large solid red phoenix symbol.
    Right hand. Black Anarchy symbol. Got this one after my former Libertardian views got thrown out the window.
    Right calf. This one’s kind of hard to explain. Kind of a triskelion with yin-yang symbols incorporated. I guess that one has to be seen.
    Left ankle. A lightning bolt surrounded by an eight pointed star on the inside of the ankle and a barbed wire wrap.
    The only one that anyone can see when I’m wearing office clothes is the anarchy symbol. And very few people know what it symbolizes.
    I’m working on the next one now…

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