Lie, Cheat and Steal

An alpha mentality isn’t unlike that of a thug or a dictator. Someone who believes that the rules don’t apply. That the world is theirs. That people need to walk to the beat of their drum. While many of us don’t need that kind of affirmation, it doesn’t hurt to have it in the back of your head while you walk around. The rules aren’t set for anyone. Different rules for different places. For different peoples.

The relatives I’m staying with are religious. My uncle is the number two man for a local chapter of a international religious bootcamp getting kids and adults alike off drugs. The past two days I’ve been at their main compound supporting my cousin, who is much older than me, through, practically, his last chance at getting his life right. The guy has been high and through the courts longer than I’ve been alive. At this place are hundreds of guys, mostly thug-like, put there by parents, guardians, the courts or themselves. The stench of alpha should be all over this place. Yet, its not. These crip-walkers, cholos, bangers and slangers, they should be running the place. But, unlike prison, they’re confronted daily, by men of bigger conviction and personality. Men dressed in polos, thick glasses, carrying Bibles. And these men win.

I give you this example because in a place laden with the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego and other SoCal cities, the rules should be the rules of the masses, no? Like in prison, these men should be able to run their little fifedoms and play gangster while pretending to feel the Holy Spirit. They don’t. The toleration level in this bootcamp is zero. They are confronted everyday with the idea of being sent back to jail, to girlfriends or wives, to disappointed parents, to people they owe money. The rules of the street of hundreds are destroyed by a dozen men who don’t give a shit about what thug #442 thinks of him. He only cares if thug #442 gets to the kitchen on time. Otherwise, he’s gone.

Lie, cheat and steal doesn’t mean do that. It means keep it in mind that the rules everyone thinks they have to play, you don’t. We don’t have to be betas as society wants. We don’t have to listen to the streets like the bangers want. We walk through crowds and part the legs of the women of lesser men. The rules don’t apply because there are no rules. Those with the power, the power of personality, make the rules. And that is we, brothers, that is we.