Find Your Passion

There’s a lot of guys out there who are unhappy. They may have decent lives, girls, money, but they feel like the world isn’t right for them. That they need to jump ship and run towards some paradise far from the decks of America. This uneasiness is not a niche. Its a common factor of modern American life. Mid-life crises, Americans moving abroad, people switching careers three or four times in their lives, Roosh syndrome as Ferd called it; men are not getting their spiritual fill.

I had it. I had it before I even finished college. I sat on a bench outside of a lecture hall and I made the decision to join the Canadian military. I’d do it after finishing, since I’d already invested 2 years and much money into learning television. Actually, I had gone in for film, but it intimidated me, so I switched. Fear, its a fucking bitch.

Thing is, I love film. I love thinking of amazing imagery, sound and lines. I love writing. I love music. I’d be happy doing any of those things. I love sports. I just reconnected to my love of baseball by simply sitting back and watching an actually full game (Red Sox won). All these things I avoided for years, things I feared myself out of, are now the things I feel love for deep inside.

I’m finding these rekindled passions because I am alone with myself. I’d always attach myself to someone. Parents, friends, girlfriends, the ex-wife. I wouldn’t be me. I’d be a mutant of them. I’d twist and be ugly and have nothing that was mine, and I did this out of my own volition. It wasn’t their fault I was a mimic. It was my social way. I mimicked. I tried to fit in. I had my own things, but they were below being one of the crowd.

A man cannot live as one of the crowd. Sheep are sheep, cows are cows, women are women, but men are individuals. Our psychology forces us to define ourselves so as to establish ourselves among the swaths of rival suitors. We must be different, or get lost in the crowd. We do this with our passions.

Find yours, and be happy. Find yours, and find salvation.


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