The Face of Anxiety


3 responses to “The Face of Anxiety

  1. bro, I like your honesty. It seems, though, that you are on the verge of desperation waiting for something. That something seems to be validation. Its like you are clinging to validation, and beating yourself up for not measuring up to it.

    If thats the case, its a trap. Figure out, write down WHAT YOU WANT, be clear and specific. And check what is your emotional situation towards these goals. Setting up clearly what you want and what you expect with no bullshit no excuses no apologies is half the road. I suspect you dont know what you want nor whats missing to get there yet.

    • You are quite right. For the past month I’ve been trying to live by the actions of others. I’ve been freaking myself out over a lot of things. Since then I hit a point of calm and peace (There Is No Spoon). I’ve become at peace with what I am and brought out what I am, instead of trying to act like others. I know what I want because my instincts tell me and I listen. I listen well, now. No more faking, as you call it.

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