#5: SuperWhore

It drove me. I would get stir crazy in seconds. I needed to get out, over and over and over. I hadn’t had sex in over 6 months. I needed it.

She contacted me on AFF. 41 year old latin chubby chick from 30 miles away. She liked my profile. I talk about being a dominant. She is a natural sub. She asks if I know how to be a safe dom.

Me: Safe word. Ground rules. Yeah, I know how to be a safe dom.

Her: How many times u done? Cuz I need 2 know wut u looking 4

My last LTR was a sub. Did it for 4 years. I’m looking for fun, but I’m not against it progressing, if it feels right.

U have a name?

Jordan. But you can call me sir.

Soon, she calls. We talk about what we are in to and what we aren’t. We exchange histories. Being a much older women, she tells me of her husband of 20 years, of her 22 year old daughter. I tell her about the Ex (but not the marriage) and of other young man things. She talks about being shared by her husband. How she likes gangbangs. This bitch is a SuperWhore. She then invites me to a sex party about 10 minutes from where I live. The place is supposed to be packed with girls and guys; straight, bi and gay. I say sure. It would be pretty fucked up experience, but I could get more than once notch in a night, so why the fuck not?

Around 8 the night of, I go out to get something to eat. No sleep had me running on Red Bull all day. My nerves were starting to show themselves, but after a steak, a beer and a few smokes I was ready to party. I park near the complex where the party is and wait. Its 9:15pm. I’m early. Around 9:45pm without the chick calling or texting to say she was there, I went to the place myself. I knock on the door and this straight up shirtless hillbilly answers. I ask him if SuperWhore is there. He doesn’t know her. Alright, I start walking away, thinking this bitch has pulled one over on me. Then I hear a guy call out, I turn around and a tattooed up bald guy motions me to come in. Apparently, the hillbilly didn’t know the party was being thrown for SuperWhore. Bald guy says she’ll be around in 20. So I wait, and wait, and smoke and wait.

Around 40 minutes later, hillbilly wants me to give him a ride a few miles south to pick up a friend who’s coming to watch. Sure, why not. Something to do while I wait. It takes ten minutes to get there, and then for thirty minutes I and hillbilly’s increasingly creepy Mexican friend wait. Hillbilly finally gets back and says the guy can’t walk ’cause he’s a fat fucker who doesn’t take care of his diabetes. Fucking wonderful, I think. We finally get back and there is SuperWhore, decked out in cheap lingerie.

She comes over to me and hugs me, smelling my shirt. She moans. We start petting right there in the bedroom as people move around. We start to make out and I press her up against the wall. She moans more. Telling me she wants me bad. I’m thinking yeah yeah yeah. I’m here to bust a nut. For a few minutes I finger her as we make out. We stop when she wants to set up a webcam for the AFF crowd. Then, for around another fucking hour, she fucks around with it. Another old, fat chick comes in, but then leaves because she has to get up early. What the fuck, really? You show up to a sex party expecting business hours?

Eventually, SuperWhore gets something running. We start getting back to fun. I finger her again, then put her hand over my dick. She fishes it out and starts blowing me. She’s pretty good. After about ten minutes, she gets up to do something, I sit there with my dick out laying back thinking “Finally,” When she gets back we strip each other down and after two fucking hours of banality, the good times roll.

As I’m eating her out, baldy comes in and starts undressing. This was expected. What was also expected is a crowd of chicks I could pass around so I wouldn’t have to focus on this one, but nada. She starts blowing him as I eat her out and finger her. After about ten minutes of that, its time to cross the vaginal Rubicon and get my reward.

For what felt like forever, I’m dealing with the fucking overhead fan nailing me with AC air. Add in sweat with that, my body feels like its back in fuckin’ Salt Lake City, so staying hard becomes a problem, especially with a condom on. They turn it off for me. She puts me in her ass as she blows. Quickly after, she wants to get some double cock, so she mounts baldy and I get in behind. Its a really unnatural position and my legs aren’t exactly rock solid, but as it turns out, I wasn’t the one that killed the DP. Baldy can’t keep it up.

From there, its just me and her. Position after position. She cums from fucking, squeezing tighter than a black hole everytime. For hours, we go at it. She calls me little boy to get me going harder, because this bitch has a bar for her men higher than the CN Tower. I sweat like a motherfucker. You know what’s good lube? Sweat! Baldy gets in once in a while, getting sucked on, but never keeping it up. I’m the rockstar of the scum of Riverside.

I fuck her. And fuck her. And fuck her. She had to nearly cut my dick off with her cunt at least twenty times. My legs nearly give out on more than one occasion. She wants me to stay, but I look at who I’m fucking. A windowed, 41 year old mom with diabetes, a daughter and a major case of losing her fuckin’ mind. Yeah, I don’t need to stay. She blows me twice during the night that gets me off. Once in her mouth. The other on her face.

Facial flag.
Creepy ass MFM threesome flag.
MILF flag.
Facial flag.

I knew exactly what I was doing when I showed up at this failed orgy party. I was slumming. I was getting my rocks off after a 7 month cold streak and the humiliation and pain of having my wife leave. I was restarting the engine, with new parts and a good tune up, and it ran and ran, motherfuckers. I don’t need to ever see this bitch again if I don’t want to. I may, it is sex after all, but she’s so far below me she may as well be in China. It would be like smoking butts from the ashtray.

After over half a year of shit, its finally done. The car is started, the pedal down and the tires burning out.

Time to kick it into gear.


7 responses to “#5: SuperWhore

  1. You’ve just blown through the concept of “slumming” and introduced “favela’ing”. Seriously. . . I’m no longer going to feel bad about the cute fat chick who broke all my pool furniture.

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  3. nice. the only thing i can compare to that is fucking a single, drug addicted mother of three while her kids were home and she’s hitting the meth pipe in bed.

    this is depravity, the kind we all need once in awhile

    • Been doing little. Credit is too high so I’ve cut back on going out. All I got is my unemployment. The boredom drove me to a few conclusions, which I’ve got in my next post. Guess I just needed the time.

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