The Stone of Feral and Stone has settled. Since returning from SLC, I’ve found a healthy medium. With this medium I have focus. With this focus I have a plan for my return.

Since I was an infant, I was sat in front of NASCAR races. My folks watched it diligently when it was still about cars and their drivers. Odd behavior for proud Canadians. I grew up knowing the drivers, their numbers and everything about their racers. It was high school, the emo phase and a lack of ambition that made it fade out from my life. I still love racing. F1 more so now that the over regulated mess the stock car circuit has become.

I plan on going back to school for auto repair and design. Something clicked that told me this is the way. Creating, building. Something has always told me to build, but never caught. Now, it has.

With this comes status. And status is what I’ve been missing. I have the balls now. I have months of experience in direct game. I’ve overcome the hump that kept me from pushing for my wants. Now, I need swagger to add to my mindset. No better way than to roll up in a custom car, built with my hands and my smarts. A machine that’s mine. That I know inside and out. Decorated with my icons and decals. A man’s goal is creation and status. It’s the basis of our nature.


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