Is Obama an Alpha?

If we go by The Chateau, no. There’s no evidence, other than is wife, of the number of women he’s slept with.

Roosh says he is alpha.

The power he has would denote alpha status. Having the military, the fledging economic powerhouse and the loyalty of millions upon millions of people in and out of the government would put him up there.

But, I don’t think he is and here’s why.

Putting my personal eclectic political views aside, the main criteria is getting shit done. Yes, he he barreled through the Republicans early on with the stimulus, health care and other initiatives, but now he can barely get his own party on his side. The more cowbell strategy of speeches is failing miserably. He’s losing key minorities. His jobs plan has been flip flopping more than a DC chicks footwear. His last accomplishment was killing Osama, which may be the crowning achievement of his presidency. One I wouldn’t argue one bit. But giving the common sense order to take out the most hate man in Western civilization isn’t alpha. Al Gore would of done it.

Politically, an alpha needs to get shit done. Reagan and Clinton were political alphas. Reagan more than Clinton because Ronnie humiliated his opponents every chance he got. Obama did very well during the campaign and his first two years, but he was riding the wave of ecstasy the country felt for electing a well spoken, black president. With a problem as enormous as the economy flopping on his desk and no water to put it in, he is, by the right and the left, losing status. Like a player who can’t get 7s after years or scoring 9s.

He was a alpha. He had it and he milked it for all the wrong reasons, I’d say. Upper Beta, at best.


3 responses to “Is Obama an Alpha?

  1. He’s a “paper alpha”.

    Clinton was an alpha cause he fucked a lot of women. Ronnie wasn’t because that shriveled old bat Nancy had his cods locked up.

    Not to mention, you’re confusing things. A lot of guys with great game and tons of pussy are nothing societally. Conversely there are plenty of guys that get shit done, lead men into battle… all that stuff, and yet they’re pussywhipped when it comes to women.

    Apples and oranges, dude.

  2. Actually, if you read biographies about Obama, there is evidence of him fucking more than just one woman in his life. I remember he dated some white chick for quite a long time, in Chicago, I think. Either way, I’m pretty sure there were a couple of others mentioned, been awhile since I read it, of course only the LTRs are mentioned, never any random hook-ups or ONS’s, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had any.

    I’d say there’s no evidence for his notch count being higher than like 5 or 6, since some of the LTR’s are detailed and just going under the belief that grown adults in relationships for any length of time are engaging in sexual activities (particularly if they also smoked weed and snorted coke in college, both with Obama has admitted to, then we there’s not some pre-marital sex moral issue).

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