Game is the teacher of the mind. It strengthens the natural, instinctual aggressive mind of the male. It makes us hunters. Without this core, inner game, every move you’ve read about or have been told about will fall flat.

Humans dig for meaning in everything. The NWO conspiracy theorist, the fundamentalist Christian, the annoying atheist. They all carve out meaning from their surroundings. They lash out at their powerlessness. They interfere with everyone around them, molding the world in their image. They fight each other. They claw and shriek and collect their samples proving the world is this right verses another right. It does nothing. People clamor for the meaning to what it is being human. They flock to seminars. They wait in line for it. The give their money for it. They die for it. For them, to be human is to be one of the crowd.

That is not what a real human does. It is not a robot. It is not a cog. It is not a part of anything. It wields power to its own ends. It holds itself above the rocks and the animals and the dirt. A person bringing themselves down to that level is not humbling itself, its putting itself at a major disadvantage. We strive beyond ourselves as a species. We can do it as individuals. Pass by those happy with the boot on their neck or the weights on the ankles. They think they’re human. They see us as social gods or social deviants.

A difference without a distinction.

We are human. We’ve evolved from nothing to ruling a planet.

As a human, you either push forward and evolve and conquer, or you lose.


2 responses to “Human+

  1. I’d rather you’d used the masculine instead of the neuter in that third paragraph, nevertheless, it tells me something about your psychology.

  2. you are powerless too chief. you think because you trick a few bitches into fucking you that you are breaking free from something? you worship bitches while pretending you don’t. evolution? the purpose of fucking is to reproduce. fucking without reproduction makes you an evolutionary loser. biology is not a form of entertainment son.

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