Correcting The Maria Mistakes

Sometimes it takes a while to look back and realize your actions. The trip across the country allowed for that. During the long hours of driving, it came to me that I could of scored with her if it wasn’t for these things. And these mistakes are not girl specific, they are things that many make and many never learn from.


Maria was cute, skinny, blonde and quirky in a way that was endearing. Coming out of the separation, I was weak and vulnerable. Reading my Twitter showed how up and down I was. From cold to flutter, swerving like Jack Bauer. When I made my first move during the party, I thought I was set in Riverside. Going to get a cute girlfriend that I liked, all was left was the job. No need to waste money on going out and gaming. A girl and my heart. It clouded my judgment severely and I lost my precognition (being able to calculate future probabilities with girls accurately).

Nice Guy Syndrome

I’d only been working on game seriously for a few months. While things like my approach on Maria, extremely aggressive, gave me an early lead, I started to wane quickly. I became overly nice, polite, quick friend zone material. It started with helping her to an early vet appointment, then the dead end of the birthday date. It became more of pandering than gaming. I fell back into thinking if I was nice, if I did “the right thing”, she’d open up her legs. Wrong, of course. I lost my direct touch while swimming in an ocean of betaness.

Beta Switch

I approached her after saying a quick hello at the bar when she came up asking for something strong. I overheard her conversation with the guy she was sitting with. The guy was pure beta. Nothing interesting. I swooped in like Superman saving Lois Lane from Lex Loser. I took hold of the conversation, I demoted the guy by offering him to buy drinks off of my tab and I engaged her while promoting myself. It was my best approach up to that day. Its probably still my best. It was epic. Then, with NGS, I reversed the tactic. This led to losing focus and led to the biggest mistake…

Missing the Pivotal Moment

“I haven’t had sex in 3 months.”

Now, this is what we wait for. Bringing sex into the conversation. We should it, but when she does it, its a good sign. We were standing outside, alone, smoking, away from her family. She wanted me to come outside. Like a cunt, I was trying to ingratiate myself to her family and friends. My mind was far from game. During our conversation, she said “I haven’t had sex in 3 months.” And I said…

Drum roll, please!

“Lucky you. Its been 6 for me.”

A better line would be “We’ll have to remedy that.” or just move in, grab her hair, kiss her and say nothing.

This is why we have to focus. This is why when you’re out its has to be your passion. I thought game was a 24/7 hobby. My conclusion from all this is that its not. Quest has talked about losing the feel (or overgaming). It happened to me too. I tried too hard and I lost my way.

I’m a quick learner, so I have applied these revelations to my current pursuit. I’m cocky, I’m sexual, I’m in the lead and keeping the tempo at a good, upward pace.

And I’m only in top gear when I need to be.

Lessons learned.


3 responses to “Correcting The Maria Mistakes

  1. “I haven’t had sex in 3 months.”

    Yeah, I would kick my own self in the ass for missing that one. I can’t honestly say that I haven’t been there myself though. I’ve missed more obvious opportunities than that so don’t feel so bad.

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