I am the 1%


I worked for CBS.
I was paid minimum wage. I worked long hours.
Six days a week.
I got married.
I got into debt trying to make it.
I worked for Guardsmark.
I was paid decently, but treated like crap.
There was nowhere to go.
My marriage broke apart.
I was left with $10 000 debt and no job
I moved twice to find work
Had to leave the country
Now I’m working two jobs
My second job netted me $1000 for 6 days work
Tomorrow’s 5 day job will net me over $800
My first job owes me $165
When I finish my current assignment, I’ll get another $165
I’ve already paid down $500 on a overmaxed credit card
I have two cards overmaxed
I’ll have my credit card debt paid off in six months tops
I have a employers clamoring for me
Setting me up for work next year

I pave my own way
I don’t try to blame others
I bust my ass
I manipulate the system
I don’t try to change it.

I don’t like corporations
The economic system is geared for political connection
But, you don’t change the world with signs
You don’t change the world period, unless you’re armed

I am the 1%
And I’m smarter than you Occupy Wall Street retreads.


4 responses to “I am the 1%

  1. No, you’re not the 1%. Your income ain’t shit compared to theirs. Try $1.6 million a year, or better. Then you can talk about being a one percenter. You may be smart, and you may be special, and maybe you have a hamster. But a 1%’er you aren’t, at least not as the OWS movement uses the term.

    • He was being critical. He is part of the 1% that actually is willing to get off his lazy ass and work for himself to earn what he is receiving. Not expecting others to pay his way and whining when he doesn’t get it. Quit worrying about what others have and make a life for yourself. OWS is about jealousy and entitlement- nothing more. Those people have clothing, food, and God. 99% of them are liberal ass holes and thats the only truth to their story– maybe they should pray more or this is karma.

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