Choose A Target

I’m still pretty buzzed from tonight. Wrap dinner for our 5 days of work. 3 of the crew drove from Toronto to Niagara Falls, where we waited 5 fucking hours for US Customs to play their dog and pony show, then to Philly. After a day of shooting in Philly we drove 10 hours to Kentucky, outside of Cincinnati, and shoot for 12ish hours at a boring ass dog show. Tomorrow, today, whenever this posts, another 10 hoursish or whatever to get back to Niagara Falls.

Tonight, we went to a great British style pub, and there was a 7.5 bartender who I practiced on. Looks mostly, changing the way I speak. I hadn’t used “hun” like that until tonight. Nothing major, just some change of dynamic.

When I saw her, just a few minutes into our sitdown, I knew that was my focus. Prettiest girl in the bar. The other female bartender was frumpy and had a horrible smile. It looked like she was always pissed. So, I practiced. I ignored. I engaged. I uped the language. It was very basic, but it was something I needed to do. The only other opportunities that night was a wedding reception that was rocking when we left and dead when we got back to the hotel.

In my early trials, I was everywhere. I jump from one target to another, end up going home with my dick in my hand. This night is the same, but I had my target. That’s all that matters. I aimed high. As high as the bar would let me.

You don’t have to get laid each night, as nice that would be.

You have to do your best. Best you can do.

Aim high. Shoot high. Land where it lands.

I worked for 4 days and have another one driving home. I worked my ass off. Calgary lost against the Leafs… fuck.

But this, this made it all worth it.


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