Incoming VIP


My steak had just gotten served. Twelve dollars of franchise food, but I was starving. Transcribing all day. I ran on smokes and Coke. All she ordered was a side of fries.

I had my eyes on the hockey updates when she said something. “…you should of seen them.”

With a mouth full of garlic bread I asked, “Who said that?”


“Oh, the girls thing,”

She nodded. She and her friends had went out earlier in the day. Girls talk. A lot.

I smiled. The night before we hung at Jan’s house watching TV for a bit. I was dead tired. My body still recovering from the 5 day shoot. We sat on the couch. She laid into me or I’d put my head in her lap for a few.

I had become the talk of a group of girls I despised back in high school. A gaggle of yappy, unattractive chicks are now a gaggle of yappy, unattractive mothers that wonder about me. How things change.

She was exhausted. The benefits of being the man of the house. She went on a bit about him, the man child, but I directed the conversation away and focused it on my last gig. Talking about the guys who trained military and police dogs.

We check out a Halloween shop after dinner. As we walk around, I grab a plastic pitchfork and stab her in the ass. She runs. I chase for a bit. She laughs.

We part ways so I can finish up a transcript.

We meet back up at Jan’s house and have a Guitar Hero party. I help find the KoRn song on World Tour. We pass around the guitar. Jan’s husband asks if I want to smoke some pot, but the few hits I had the night before got me dizzy when I closed my eyes. Not tonight. I have other things in mind.

After the party’s over, I pull The First into me and we make out. She says we should go to a Tim Hortons. Sure. We get our coffee and I get some food. I was starving still. We pull to the far end of the parking lot and I get in her car. Within minutes, she’s on my lap in the passenger seat and we’re making out. Its like high school again, except I know what I’m doing.

A good twenty minutes pass. She’s burning to fuck. She wants to go to a more secluded spot, but doesn’t want to get lost. I whisper my phone has navigation.


We pull into the park and she gets in my car, mentioning this is where Canadian serial rapist and killer Paul Bernardo dumped one of his bodies. Nice, but I move in and we get back at it. Clothes come off, Klaypex’s dubstep remix of Katy Perry’s E.T. bursts over the speakers and I’m inside. The song is perfect for rhythm.

I thought I was going to burst quickly, but we went on for another twenty or thirty minutes. She makes noises she never made when we were together before. She’s learned too. She moans, cuts herself off and sounds like she’s choking back the sounds. Its hot.

I finally finish. Sweating. As I get out of the car, I say “Oh, hi, officer,” She laughs.

We smoke, make out some more and part ways. As we head home on the QEW, she gives me a wave, I give her a kiss in the air then speed past, Incoming VIP blaring through my speakers.



Bonus Track: Klaypex – E.T. (Katy Perry)


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