Take A Step Back

The phone buzzes. New text message from that girl you’re working on. The first one since you started to study the dark arts. You can feel it in your bones, your nerves, your skin. The electric shocks running through your brain an down your spine. Hands start to shake. You don’t want to fuck this up.

You pick up the phone and read the message. “hi wat up?”

You freeze. How do I respond to it? What Would Roosh Do? You’d open up your copy of Bang, but then you’d feel pathetic. You need to do this on your own.

What was the first rule? Don’t text back immediately. But how long? 5 minutes? 10? Don’t make it robotic. Make it random. But you were never very good at random. Always on time. Always nice. Always opening doors or others. Things had order and made sense.

This doesn’t make sense, but it works. You know it works. You’ve seen it work. The bounty of booty is now yours, if you work at it.

But first, you need to take a step back.

What were you doing when the message came? Cleaning? Reading? Playing video games? Working out? Cooking?

Whatever you were doing. Keep doing it.

Whatever the message said, its not as important as what it interrupted. It could say “Let’s fuck”. Doesn’t matter. You have your own life outside of this chick.

Many, MANY guys short circuit when girls start paying them attention. Embarrassingly, I once literally fell for a girl in 8th grade. She was looking at me, I was looking at her and then I tripped over a giant ass tree root. They are NOT the center of the universe. They are not the focus. You are.

Second, you’re allowed to think your response, but don’t over think. Don’t try to write the perfect PUA Alpha response. It won’t seem natural. She’s met you before. Chicks have a very acute sense for fakery. Why do the guido douches get the pussy? Because they really are guido douches. You faking it will make you even more pathetic in their eyes. Be confidently natural.

That’s the key. Confidence. If you’re not confident, then you’re not anything. If you’re not sure about your message, don’t send it. It won’t hurt. Give it time and wait. She’s chasing you.

And if you fail, its no big deal. There’s plenty of women. Plenty. And if you work hard and train yourself, they’ll be yours.

Just take a step back, breathe and remember you’re a man.


One response to “Take A Step Back

  1. Girls do the same thing… obsess over the text message and all. I have to say though.. I wish I could find a guy that would just give up a -natural- response. I’m going back to that.. Just respond and be me. Stop over thinking things and trying to be — Idk, successful or whatev. I’m just gonna be me. How can you find that amazing connection with someone if you’re not being you?

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