Sasha Grey


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  2. Sasha Grey, the Pied Piper Of Porn, the one who produces videos under the category of “How to definitely contract AIDS AND STDS”, “Sex with multiple partners without condoms”, was recently reading to first graders at Emerson Elementary school in Compton, CA. She was proud of her work, and uses these venues to try and gain legitimacy. I have contacted the Board of Ed, The Superintendent and the Local PTA, How do you think the parents of first graders like a porn queen, dedicated to spreading AIDS, serving as a role model and mentor to first and third graders. If you would like to help expose her for what she is , you can order my book, “Sasha Grey Lexi and the Shrink”, at, or I will send you and e-book for free, at

    • do you listen to yourself? can you tell me what she was reading to those children? was it as hateful as everything you seem to have written about her? ‘dedicated to spreading AIDS’…fairly certain that isn’t true simply because there would be enough victims for a swift arrest.

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