Send in the Clowns


So, by the end of today, I’ll have finally contacted a lawyer to get the divorce proceedings on track. This is a bit of irony considering The Ex was the one who wanted out and left. But, its closing on a year since she made her true feelings known and I’m making money, so it needs to get done and quick. Plus, the debt she may have racked up could be on me and I have enough shit from her already.

She’s gone incommunicado, even as far as deleting her Facebook account. Her apparently former close friend says they haven’t been talking in a while. From social return to hermit, it seems. I’ll have to give the lawyer her last known address and phone number, which is stuck on my American iPhone. Not a problem, just hope she’s still there to get the papers.

Its really a sad story. A post-modern love broken by the same society that fostered it.

C’est la vie.


3 responses to “Send in the Clowns

    • I really have no clue. She never gave a solid answer. Its gone from “we lost the passion” to “I miss home” to “I’m a lesbian” and now its “he wasn’t a gentleman/he wanted hardcore gender roles”. Which is bullshit since I was beta as fuck through most of the relationship. I only got hardcore on roles after she had already started to distance herself.

      Like I said in the post, she wanted out, but she’s never gotten around to sending the papers. I don’t trust a word she says, just my gut. That goes for 99% of the women I know.

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