Vanishing Point

When the Ex got off of Facebook, the tagged pictures of me went down by around 200. Says a lot, eh? All the pictures of the trips, the normal days, the captured moments during odd times, all gone.

Good riddance.

I went back and checked the ones I had left. My confidence and my personality came across so blatantly.

Have a look.

Hey, baby.

Nothing says "wanna fuck" than the slouched held tilt.

This picture was taken from inside my ex's pussy.

Yeah, they’re all from the same place (Los Padres National Park), but its all there. No posture, no concept of image or style, love of cutesy framing. Yay…

My next few posts will cover how I dress. Picking, buying, why I think it works. It ain’t no G-style, but its what works for me. And its a helluva lot better than what’s above.


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