Of Dolphins and Insults

Not really much is happening. Work is slow/non-existent. Waiting for promised gigs to show. Working on songs, writing and playing Minecraft. Other than that, its been slow step attempts on POF.

As far as that goes, what’s working for me best is absurdly funny openers. Saw a cute one. One of this specific chick’s pictures shows her kissing a dolphin. So I opened her with: You date many dolphins?

just the one

Is he jealous? I don’t need any dead fish showing up in my bed.

We ended on good terms lol


Another girl didn’t take my comedy so well.

“I’m just looking for a guy who will tell me I’m right, even when we both know I’m
wrong:)” Then you’re looking for the wrong guy

And why’s that?

Because a guy who won’t stand up to you won’t stand up for you.

That’s true!

Guess that explains why you’re on here.

Thanks! So you message girls to insult them, must work well for you

I told her I don’t bullshit. She said she didn’t wanted to be bullshitted.

Check your profile, lady...

I gave her a compliment a few messages after and she said: definitely wasnt expecting to get a compliment out of this, so thank you!

I think she’s a little crazy.

I’ve been taking at least a day or more to respond. Whenever I feel like it pretty much. Its working much better than the frantic messaging I did while in Riverside, looking for a quick date on Friday night ’cause I didn’t want to hit the bars dolo again.


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