Young Cardinals


I feel like I’m an old soul when it comes to politics. I’m no wise man, but I’ve encountered more than my fair share of ignorance from the left and the right. Anarchists who support public unions and welfare. Conservatives who want to overthrow every government that isn’t a democracy. Social traditionalists who can’t budge on the state controlling marriage. Social activists who won’t stop until every monument they see is secularized or destroyed. Two movements, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, at each others’ throats when they should, at some level, unite against the government and the banks. Its a world of factions within factions. No one agrees. No one can comprimise.

The senior of my two young sisters is a socialist and a basic socialist at that. Holds the Nordic social systems in high regard, has a low opinion of America and Americans, despite born there. She’s a smart cookie, making it through school and through her crippling anxiety condition with an A average. When we talk politics, she falls back on the socialist talking points. More money, more government, more social programs. I’ve never tried to convert her to my way of thinking. I even got her a Noam Chomsky book for this Christmas, even though I believe him to be a raving lunatic.

Today, we had a talk about North Korea that turned into a talk about socialism. She fell back on America being a capitalist system. The banks, the economy. I countered with the Progressives and how the American economy is more fascist since fascism is a socialist-born ideology. All she said was, “Oh.” I continued on, talking about the different socialist-based thinking and, at least in my view, guide her to a more libertarian left view.

I let her borrow Our Word is Our Weapon, the book of writings by ELZN spokesman Subcommadante Marcos. It was one of the few socialist books I kept after my swing to the right. Marcos and the ELZN aren’t your typical revolutionaries. Their armed revolt in Mexico’s south lasted months, and afterward they returned to Chiapas to work with the people they were fighting for and since their uprising in 1994, they’ve worked peacefully creating an alternative for Mexico. His allegorical stories and his letters to politicans and others have real passion and real care in them. They have real, new ideas, not the same old socialist crap we see on the streets with OWS and we hear from the White House. Even during my hardcore righty days, I referenced his ideas on long term economics in debates against people who should have been on his side. Irony for the win.

I thought I gave up politics, leaving it behind with everything else, but its dragged me back in. The banking crimes, OWS, North Korea, the world falling apart faster than I thought. Its like the mafia, never letting me truly leave.

I hope she can learn from it. If she can, she will give me some hope for the future generations.


5 responses to “Young Cardinals

  1. Scandinavian social systems seem to actually work because places like Sweden are very small. Their populations also pretty much consist of Swedes. The introduction of Somalian and Middle Eastern immigrants is starting to break down the system, since thousands of them are taking from the system and giving nothing back.

    A Scandinavian-style socialist democracy would never work in America because of our geographical size and drastic differences in population demographics.

    • Exactly. Its also why Canada is starting to have problems with its social systems because there are so many non-Western communities now that aren’t made to assimilate. Its not as bad as the States, or even the Nordics and the Muslims, but it can get there. It saw that when the Tamil community in Toronto stopped traffic on the busiest highway when their precious terror group was finally defeated a few years ago. Canada has been pretty lucky it hasn’t had a serious homegrown attack yet.

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