One Step, Two Step

I made a promise to myself in Reset that I’d start organizing myself, destroying the parts of my personality where I sit and do nothing, not even work out or keep my area clean. Its something I’ve wanted to change about myself for a long time.

I started with focusing on stopping my pack-a-day smoking habit. I’m on the patch now, breaking the need to reach out for a cig. I don’t plan on quit quitting. I like to smoke, but I won’t be out every day or other day spending tons of a money a month on it. It’ll be a social act or a reward for a hard day’s work. I won’t do it because I have nothing else to do.

I’ve begun to organize all my belongings. They’re stuffed into a decently sized room, but my go-to action is to toss it on a chair or a desk and forget about it. I’ve always been the guy to go “why do that when this is easier?” and that may work for an inventor creating the Hover-round for fat fucks, but to keep busy and keep organized and on my toes, I need to take the time and the effort to put things in their place. I spent a good hour breaking down every cardboard box that got tossed around the house during Christmas and breaking it down into small pieces to fit in the recycling bin. Couldn’t give a shit about recycling, but it keeps my arms moving, my brain working and just cleans up a small mess.

With work slow as fuck due to the holidays, I could just sit on my ass and play video games or surf the net and be lazy, but I can’t. It wouldn’t be fair to my body which had to endure months of fast food and abuse nor to my mind which had the decency to pick up the pieces and create a new, stronger person.


3 responses to “One Step, Two Step

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  2. I have the same “toss it on the chair” go to action.. Argh.. Then when I do go to put things away, it takes forever cuz the chair has like 10 shirts, a few pairs of pants, some shoes, a book, my purse, and who knows what else! Novel idea to put that junk away as I go along. Lol

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