Right in the Eye

I’ve noticed that I don’t look people in the eye often enough. My gaze shifts or reflexively moves away. This is one of my bigger problems with new people, I’ve discovered. With all the running around, different things I have to do running through my head, my eyes just vanish from my mind as a means of communication. I just talk and I barely remember seeing the person before disappearing back to the make-shift studio or to the van. The slowing down advice by The Badger Hut opened me up to the flaw in my mannerisms because once I slowed, I began noticing my instinctual move to look away, trained by years of shyness and anxiety. Slowing down, and taking deliberate steps to train yourself, is making all the difference.


2 responses to “Right in the Eye

  1. I’ve took control of a lot of situations simply by learning to look at people straight in the eye. Its a useful tool in your everyday artillery.

  2. Thanks for the link – glad to hear it’s making a difference. If you really want to see the impact of the “do it slow” effect, slow down your weightlifting cadence. You get totally new sensations doing lifts at half speed and you’ll notice any flaws in your technique too.

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