New Song: HMS Conqueror

Finally fished through all the half finished songs I’ve made over the last 3 months. Few tweeks and shit and here’s the newest official release.

On 2 May Conqueror became the first nuclear-powered submarine to fire in anger launching three Mark 8 torpedoes at Belgrano, two of which struck the ship and exploded. Twenty minutes later, the ship was sinking rapidly and was abandoned by her crew. General Belgrano was unable to issue a Mayday signal because of electrical failure; this and poor visibility meant the two escorting destroyers were unaware of the sinking until some hours later. A total of 323 men were killed. Adding to the confusion, the crew of the ARA Bouchard felt an impact that was possibly the third torpedo striking at the end of its run (an examination of the ship later showed an impact mark consistent with a torpedo). The two ships continued on their course westward and began dropping depth charges. By the time the ships realized that something had happened to the Belgrano, it was already dark and the weather had worsened, scattering the life rafts.



One response to “New Song: HMS Conqueror

  1. I find it highly amusing that you’ve chosen the only submarine in Britain not built where Paul’s dad works.

    To cut a long story short, he writes instruction manuals for navy submarines in Barrow In Furness.

    This one’s a scouse submarine. I’m surprised somebody didn’t steal it.

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