What is left in a world centered around centralization? Where once your town, your state, had power to determine the rules and society it lived, now a select few in Washington, Brussels, The UN in New York, they all determine our fates by gestures of their hands. For a Libyan, left meant freedom. To a Syrian, right meant death. Our fates that we used to own as communities are left to the elite to rule.

We think we live in a world of choice and democracy, but in the end, like all civilizations and all systems, what is owned is what is taken. Plunder is the riches of the world, and with wealth comes freedom, even if the laws say otherwise. Everyone may get a trial, but the smallest things may turn a trial into a travesty. Everyone gets to speak, but some can say murder with impunity while others are cuffed for drunken slurs. Some can murder their own without a peep while the simple showing of your skin can get you chased away.

When given the choice, plunder, or risk being another sheep being pushed over the cliff.


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