Masculinity Isn’t Political

The personal is political.

Its the basis of feminism from those who want true legal equality to the buzzed cut butches stomping around calling for the culling of anything with a penis.

The personal is political. It means “that women are in bad situations because they experience gendered oppression”.

In response to this theory, we now have more laws trying to remove “oppression” than we do laws protecting our basic rights in the West. Its more likely you’ll get re-educated in sexual politics at your job than be educated in actual politics through the public school system. Divorce courts are biased. Criminal courts are biased. The purported oppression swung the other way, but not one major leader in the West has ever done anything about it.

And guess what, guys?

Tough shit. Its how life is.

My first step on the Red Pill path was through Men’s Rights groups. I started to parrot the lines. I sounded like a feminist, but with a better taste in clothes. After the marriage ended, I blamed feminism. I blamed laws that I thought prevented me from making her stay, her paying the debt I had to carry. I couldn’t hit her when she went apeshit because I could be blacklisted from future careers with a conviction like that. It was all THEIR fault.

And I still didn’t feel right. I wasn’t happy. I went out. I dated. I got laid. I still wasn’t happy.

Take a wild guess what was the problem?

My negativity.

We can blame who we want. We can act on that belief of blame. But what does it gain us to have it forever? When you’ve fixed your life, gotten to know better people than the cunt ex or gotten a better body or gotten a better job, what’s the point on still whining about how men, as a class, are being oppressed now. That commie talk right dur!

You can still believe, as I do. You can work with MRAs. Do whatever you want, but don’t take these politics personally like the fembots do. You’ll end up like them. Bitterness and cats. Lots of cats.

2 responses to “Masculinity Isn’t Political

  1. “but don’t take these politics personally like the fembots do”
    That’s a point I feel a lot of MRA’s overlook. Some see it as a personal holy crusade against the scourge of feminism. I agree with their views and read alot of MRA blogs but some make me wonder occasionally.

  2. blaming works. it’s how shit gets done. look at the groups who have their way with society (and the world) they did it through blaming. it works.

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