Max Body and Gaming Hiatus

For those who follow my twitter feed, I was out last night watching Frank Mir get his ass kicked by Junior Dos Santos. I went out to Grand Central, the same bar where I got wasted months back and had a great time. I had another good time. Wing and beer. A lot of ladies. And I did my best, but my best wasn’t as nearly as good as it should of been. I could blame the cold Canadian women, but that’d be a large excuse covered in a small truth. I just wasn’t close to the peak of my talent. Not by miles. I believe its because I’m too lax with my life right now. I’m improving, I’m doing great, but I’m not doing everything I want to, that I can do. I’m taking it way too easy and still expecting to have ladies fall in the lap. A bad mindset to have.

So, in light of this, I’m going to officially call off going out to game for a while and focus on the one thing I want to improve severely: my body. I’ve gotten into a good habit of working out as often as I can: lifting, using the medicine ball, ab work outs, etc. Its shown results in my arms and back, but its not good enough. My going out lifestyle and my drunk self don’t aid in the results I want. The Geographer posted great advice today on how to get jacked and I’m going to follow it. I’m going to reach my goals.

Without sacrifice, there is no victory. With victory, there is peace.


5 responses to “Max Body and Gaming Hiatus

  1. “Without sacrifice, there is no victory. With victory, there is peace.”

    I’ve always been proud to know you. This, right here, is why :)

  2. Great goal. Reminds me to get off the computer and go home to ignore my friends that are out at the bars and work on my house so my environment is back in order.

    I feel this way about volleyball. I can kick some ass here and there, but overall I am not consistent enough. I need to work on both my technique and my body. I can keep up with guys in better shape than me, but I think often about how I could absolutely move a couple levels up just by being consistent on my technique and improving my physical fitness. Gym time!

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