Work, Part 3

Today, I drove in under a new spell. My weekend had sucked. A flu is passing around the crew and I caught some of it, apparently. I was dead tired and my stomach hated me to no end. I slept as much as I could, but it was not enough. Topping it off was a night out with the First that ended with her car towed and no banging. I was miserable. Monday, I was a zombie. Body and brain out of alignment with reality. It took a nap to get me back to sorts. And even then it just felt off.

But today I realized time. My time. Second by second was moving over and through me and I can’t just linger in the cerebral background. I haven’t gotten a new girl since I got here. I let myself wait for something that is only conquered. I thought too much. I brought to little.

When I arrived I was ready. Naturally myself. The long struggle put to the test and its passing.


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