The Devil’s Rulebook

Yesterday was a clusterfuck that the hamster all more than giggled at. 2 weeks ago The First said she was going to see somebody about her mental state. She couldn’t see me anymore. Which was fine we haven’t seen each other in or out of bed in a while. She’s been my friend for over a decade so I was more concerned about her health. Go good guy.

Yesterday she says she’s already started dating somebody else. This is a chick with trust issues who cant resist the new car smell. 2 kids from 2 different dads. Abusive boyfriends. Waves of depression with waves of paranoia. She should be with the doctor and not with somebody new. She’s gonna fuck up those kids.

As a friend it pissed me off that she did that. As a man it pissed me off the hamster ran her into another cock. I was never going to be with her but I helped out considering financials for pretty bad. I just thought to myself because I’m a friend a long time friend it’s okay. Bought some dinner. Take her to movie or restaurant. Be her friend and fuck her at the same time.

It obviously backfired. The money is gone, the pussy is gone and all I did was fill in the gap between old daddy and new daddy.

So now, after some heated discussions with friends who know my own problems from the past year, I’m creating the devil’s rulebook. An ever evolving list of rules for myself that many in the manosphere may already know.

But knowing and adhearing to are two completely different things. Yesterday made solid things that  been scratching at my brain for a long time.

Its sexist. It’s mean. It’s the only way to survive a modern woman’s world. Expect a lot of updates on here and on twitter.

There’s only so much a man can take before he turns into exactly what they hate.


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