Enter: Caveman

My parents are office workers. Pros at managing idiots and playing the politics. People love them. I’m not. I got skills, but I just can’t be arsed to play the game most of the time. I like to barrel through.

Yesterday, I was helping move my sister. I also had a shit ton of transcribing to do that night. The move was going to take half a day. I didn’t get home until 9pm. This was my day off from my Toronto job.

The deadline for the files was today. I found this out from my youngest sister. She’s also making cash with this company. Our boss’s management skills have been awful. When I was confronted with either sleeping or staying up all night doing transcription the caveman kicked in. I was gonna do what I could and tell the boss rest was up to her.

My folks want me to go different route. By different I mean a different lane. I wanted to do my work, send the rest and that was it. They mentioned being apologetic about not finishing it. Fuck that. We both had the same idea of the least calling my boss before getting home, but it turned into a long discussion over aggression verses politics. We eventually got in contact with her and it turns out the deadline got moved to monday, saving me a lack of sleep during my 12 to 14 hour days.

They were right in a way that the simple act of calling before finishing it up was a good idea. But I’m in no mood anymore to apologize for management screw up. That shit might fly in office buildings but I don’t work in offices. I never want to work in an office. I’m on set. I lift and speed and get my shit done by strength and aggression. I can negotiate and placate when needed, but in the end I’m a caveman when it comes to work my work ethic.

Fuck apologizing. Fuck politics. The shit gets done or it doesn’t. Tickling the balls of my betters is not something I do. I may make enemies, but no one can ever say I don’t do my job and do it right and do it fast.

Different philosophies. Same goal.

They just use words while I feel more comfortable with the club.


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