We are not that far removed from the animal kingdom. The veneer of civilization is barely an inch thick. We still puff our chests, throw our arms around and hoot and holler to show our dominance. We have sports and clubs and suits to provide the show, but in the end, its all the same. The hierarchy is still there. It will always be there. It will never disappear. Even our elections are proof of this.

Game, no doubt, is part of this. Tapping in to the natural aggressive urge to fuck every attractive pussy and spread the seed. If it were still a man’s world, that wouldn’t be a problem in the least. Not that long ago, it was normal to take mistresses and still have your kids with a genetically suitable woman. But, today, we are left with the entire government on our throats every time we make a “mistake”. A woman cuckolds you? You pay. A woman punctures your condom? You pay. A woman keeps a kid from you for years, you still pay when she’s tired of pretending to be independent. You bet on the wrong horse, that horse will fuck you into submission and ride you until you are empty of wealth and soul.

There’s something in you. Deep inside. The natural male covered in the green algae of decades of brainwashing and social custom. No rules, no walls, nothing but the pure essence of billions of years of animal war. The world around you has no borders. No kings that can’t be toppled easily with a show of your proof.

Dig for it. Bring it out. And, live better tapping into what always has been there: a motherfucking predator.


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