Dregs and Progress

Fact: getting good at game doesn’t get you hot babes. It gets you laid.

Laid could mean a hard body and a great face, but most likely it’s a girl you wouldn’t fuck if she offered her friends as well. Yet, its been a while, or you want a new notch. Your game is improving. The dregs are all over you. Handing you pussy on a platter. You could deny and hold out for a drunk 9. You could wait like your high school girlfriend “waited” for you to come home from your college scouting trip.

Or… you can get laid. You can get your dick wet in the grimey trenches of Western dating. The 1000 yard stare of the season soldier. You survived the worst of the worst shit. Train yourself on crazies and cunts. So when that 9 does come around, sober and unsuspecting, it’s just part of the job for you to make those panties drop.


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