How to Learn Game for $20

Step 1: Go to your local bank and withdraw a crisp $20 bill.

Step 2: Next, go to a bar with some ladies. Preferably a clean bar with some fuckable woman (5s and up), unless you like meth head grannies scratching at your dick for some cough syrup.

Step 3: Order a drink, pay with your $20 bill. Receive change. Tip at least a dollar.

Step 4: Take a sip and look around the bar.

Step 5: Find someone to talk to, preferably something you can fuck and that isn’t a man. Worst case, hottest tranny is allowed.

Step 6: Go talk to them.

Repeat Step 5 and 6 until getting laid or $20 runs out or overcome with shame for making out Mr. (now Mrs.) Smith, your 9th grade English teacher.

Source:                                                            CBC’s To Catch A Dinky Dingler



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