Be A Dictator

Hitler was a horrible dictator.

People who think they’re smart like to do the”united a nation, made a prosperous economy, etc” bait and switch. Yeah, Hitler did that for about 5 years, but then tossed it all in the shithole when Germany.invaded everything with a pulse. His leadership lasted 13 years. His empire 6. And at the end, Germany was right back to where it.was after the monarchy fell: submitted to forigen powers.

A good dictator is a man in touch with the most basic human skill: adaptation. The best dictators have mastered it and in turn this leads to long lives as kings of their countries. Saddam Hussien, Robert Mugabe, the Kims of North Korea and even the recently killed Ghadaffi; they all knew how to survive. Some, like Saddam and Mumar, get the bad side of the stick. Being targeted for invasion or having the West give questionable support to questionable patriots of Libya. But, they ran their nations for decades.

A man needs to be a dictator. To rule his life, his family, as THE center of authority. Your harem? They’re your subjects. Friends? Your inner circle. Gift them with your presence. Take the lead and settle disputes with dipolmacy or an iron fist. Take the power.

But, be careful. Don’t be like Hitler and overextend. Don’t end up at the bottom of history like Stalin due to your bloody anger. Power requires balance as well as will. The best leader can rule by fear and love as much as he can rule by violence and in our society, the latter can destroy you quicker than any other act.


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