The Little Fascist

With the red pill comes a shift in viewpoint. Thoughts of harmony and equality die under a jackboot of judgement and head shaking. When you see the world as it is: genetics, biomechanics, hormones, instinct and raw culture, its hard to keep to ideology that claims the world is free and the same. Its just not. Never has. Never will.

In the early 1900s, an American political movement arose that was the basis for the short lived empires of European fascism. The Progressives, left-wing imperalists and eugenicists, took the country by storm. Famous figures like Teddy Roosevelt, abortion hero Margret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and FDR were all believers in an organic, state-centric philosophy. Wars of conquest, racist domestic policies and the birth of corporate America were by their hands. History books rarely ever connect these great figures to the mother of Il Duce and Hitler, as is the norm with historical hero worship.

Progressivism, like fascism, was about a centralized state. Economy, politics and culture are based around the government and its dictates. The war parades conservatives bemoan the lack of was part of the Progressives. The liberal call for a New, New Deal. The UN. Massive regulation. Immigration amnesty or lack of. Almost all the shit people bitch about today, left or right, was born of these politics.

That is the laughable irony behind the mangina and feminist insults of “fascist!” as they troll our blogs and try to beat our heads with old ideas. Their very thoughts are the product of white men from 100 years ago. Few political ideals today are from anything but Progressivism.

Yet, there’s a small, small part.of their whining that is correct. Red pill dedication to a new man, to dicsipline and health, to darwinism both soft and hard, these things make us a little fascist in the broadest sense. We all have our various political beliefs. Some liberal, some conservative, some libertarian, some anarchist, but we all have the basic views of a strong masculine society. Void of feminism and void of male emasculation. In the slightest sense we are all tiny fascists. And it to me this is a good thing.

Our emotions aren’t running our ideas. We have the willpower to stand up for what we believe is right. What we know is right. What we know is natural in the human order. May you be Jewish, black, white, or whatever. God or atheist, single or married, those who have swallowed the red pill know these few basic things. And these few basic things bring us together despite what could tear us apart.


4 responses to “The Little Fascist

  1. I share your views on maintaining a strong mascluline society. At this point I would even settle for just a strong society, but alas as one looks around, the signs of weakness (physically, mentally, spiritually) and societal decay cloud my vision.

  2. They have no sense of history. Liberals and neocons alike. They think everything that’s gone wrong is either from Bush or Carter and everything great is from Reagan or Clinton.

    They fail to realize that the US has long given up its status as an independent nation and is now the wetnap of the world always wiping up its problems and demanding nothing in return. As such it degrades itself further from being a nation and more into a nanny. It’s a self fulfilling spiral of death.

  3. Disagree on early 20th century progressivism being about state control of citizens. It was about leveraging government power to limit harmful business practices which seemed likely to cause a number of problems down the road.

    Monopolies exist because there are always barriers to entry, and because economies of scale reduce the marginal cost of production for larger enterprises. Most markets will create natural monopolies, and those that don’t will often create oligopolies.

    Yeah, there’s a price to regulation, but I think it’s fallacious to argue that any curtailing of economic freedom is a slippery slope to fascism.

    Now, in other ways, yeah, T.R. and company are intellectually on the same page with fascists. Interventionist foreign policy motivated by nationalism, the cults of personality that grew up around them, etc. I do think, however, that most progressives were not quite as statist as you make them out to be.

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