“Be good.”

I didn’t usually send her flowers, but that day I did. On the card was “Be good.” A private message between us.

The Ex told me time and again she wanted to be a slave. A lifestyle submissive. Her life owned by me. As I was then it was a foreign concept, but I adapted over time. To a boy raised on feminism, controlling a woman like that is not easy. It didn’t help that my wife would swing back and forth in her fidelity to the idea. Sometimes she would be on her knees when I got home. Other times she would physically push me away and tell me angrily she did not want it. I wasn’t socially mature enough to realize what was going on. I was just trying to be a good husband.

When I sent the flowers little did I know it was already falling apart. I was telling her to be a good slave, but in her mind she had already broken free from chains that were never holding her back. I was blind to all of this. Intoxicated by the idea of having a woman be submissive to me. Me, Jordan, the kid who use to shake and sweat near any girl he liked. The kid who had a 4 year dry spell. The kid who was lucky enough to marry a bisexual. I was high on all the possibilities, ignorant to the reality.

Even after being betrayed, I was the one following that message. “Be good.” Don’t fault her. You did something wrong. Keep in touch. These are the things a good man does.

Good. Good is a moral concept relative to the society you are in. Good is abstract, floating across our minds, chaining us to certain behaviors. The gatekeepers of morality shame on us into being as they want us to be. The church has given way to feminism. What was immortal then is moral now. What was betrayal then is freedom now. What was natural to human being is now considered a hate crime. Good is a political tool used to control the masses, leading us by our noses to their false paradise.

I am part of a generation sedated by constant stimuli. We were born into information, raised on the first instances of Internet pornography, and now hunt in a sexual field littered with land mines while being told that there are no mines and everything is safe. Awakened to this fact, reality sets in like a punch to the face. I must take steps with purpose or I step on another mine and lose more then just some money and a mentally ill wife.

Good is a leash. Defined by self appointed betters, they will drag you to your demise. Define yourself and define your own actions. Feel what is you and be it. Give none to those who want to control you. This is what it means to be a man in the 21st century. With help from my brothers, I’ve been slowly turned on to this fact. With perseverance, I’ve been able to define myself. With a strong will, the next gatekeepers will never break me.


One response to ““Be good.”

  1. In many ways – women today are like feral dogs – wanting to be part of a pack with a strong pack leader, but at the time trying to exert dominance to see if the “pack leader” is worthy of allegiance. This is why women today are increasingly unhappy as they have more control of their lives – since this is exactly what they don’t want. Today’s males – usually having been raised by a single mother, or otherwise indoctrinated to NOT be a dominant male is bound to be confused by this.

    Being older, and having many strong male figures in my life, I found women need to be treated like a dog, badly in need of training. This means consistency, punishing poor behavior, and rewarding good behavior. Of course women fight against this – just as dogs which have had their freedom all of their lives will fight against training for their own good – but in the end, they are happier to have a strong male, dominant whom they can depend upon for protection, control, and leadership, then to be in control themselves. They want to know that they are protected, and someone who will always come to their aid – but if you give this without a strong demand of allegiance, they will suspect it as being a lie.

    It may not be politically correct to say the above – but as with any science – you look for the simplest things that fit all observables. A man as dominant and a woman as submissive fit those observables, especially all of those studies which show women who have more power are less happy… That is because it is exactly what they don’t want… So your job as a man, is to control her – give her guidance, leadership, punishment, and reward consistently. Make her EARN your protection, and demand proper behavior, and punish bad behavior – the ultimate punishment is to be forced to leave a strong pack, so cutting your loses when one takes too much time and effort is something every leader has to be willing to do.

    A man who is a supplicant – which is what sending flowers conveys – is unworthy of being a leader, and dominant. It really is that simple… Young women are especially in need, and desire this control since many of them grew up without a strong male figure in their lives. They crave it and will do anything to keep it – but you have to make them work for it. Anything given without effort and hard work is worthless…

    Again – I usually do not say any of the above to women, I simply demand their allegiance and behavior, rewarding good behavior and punishing bad, and always willing to toss them to the curb when I must. That way will provide the best rewards for any male – and you always have to have the option of toss them, which is why the smart man, never offers marriage of commitment beyond that which a woman gives by her actions and behavior.

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