The Election

Having lived in Canada half my life and the States for most of my 20s, its interesting to see how Canadians react to the American election. Which is to say ignorantly.

Most of the people I know were for Obama. Every election day they believe the Democrat will be the one to bring in everything they hope for. An end to policing the world, socialize society, a friendlier lovelier America. What they don’t understand is that the Democrats and Republicans are not that far off from each other. Bush invaded Iraq, but Obama increased drone strikes tenfold. Bush increased the deficit and debt, but Obama did the same to heights never seen before. Bush was a corporate lackey, but under whose administration was GE given state sponsored status? Promoting gay marriage and a single payer healthcare does not make a good leader. To the rest of the world, it makes you a star.

Canada is dependent on a good American economy. There is no closer trade relations in between Canada and the US. A bad American economy will eventually turn on Canada. Manufacturing, resources and tourism all depend on Americans with spending money. If America has no pocket change Canada has no industry. Yet I never heard one thing about the American economy from any of the Obama supporters. Full on prosperity, they forget it can collapse at anytime.

As a hawk libertarian, I hated both candidates right from the start. Neither was good on economy, the Constitution and foreign policy. But in a choice between evils, Romney’s big government conservatism beats out Obama’s constantly expanding socialism everytime. I expected Obama to win, but I hoped that I was wrong.

In the end, a nation guides itself by who is voted in. Americans want what Obama promises, even though his promises haven’t been kept. They want his views, even though most think America is going in the wrong direction. They want more of the same, but they also want change. Politically, America has lost it. Bipolar electorate.

I can only hope the Republicans purge their party of those who rooted for Romney. They need to recruit young men and women with small government views instead of bowing to old men who  still think Nixon was a conservative. The key to America has always been the economy and without clear and radical ideas on it, the only choice the US will ever have will be between disaster now or disaster later.


2 responses to “The Election

  1. You omitted the blatant election fraud going on…
    (and I concede most of my “sources” are biased online blogs and journals with a Conservative bent; but I firmly believe both parties do all they can to get “their guy” in – and no matter who wins, WE, THE PEOPLE, Lose. But it’s getting blatantly obvious these days…)
    As to Republicans actually cleaning house?
    Better check who is running those parties. Heinz, Monsanto, BP, OPEC, etc. And they all give to BOTH parties…

    Like I said – no matter who wins, WE LOSE.

  2. Idiot me – I forgot to mention – Romney was right about the 47% (Democrats all, I’d guess), and your note that BO hasn’t kept his promises? It’s all Bush’s fault, dontcha know? ;-)

    Most Americans could note vote in 1776.

    That was the CORRECT way of doing things. Democracy decays to mobocracy; we are right on schedule. Right now, we have a leader who can pander to the mob. The rest – ask the Romans – is history. ;-)

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