Spartan, Part 2

Months ago, I wrote of being broke. Wasting money on bar crawls that got me exactly zero new lays.

Turns out saving money works.

I stopped hunting at multiple bars in an night. I started ejecting from the chosen location if there was no one worth hitting on. I got in the mindset of a bad day gaming is better than a good day getting angry, drunk and lonely.

Since then I’ve save enough money to start searching for a place in Toronto. Despite knowing it’s a shitty place the date, it’s where the work is. And a challenge accepted is better than staying at home.

Hitting rock bottom vaulted me to exactly where I needed to be.


3 responses to “Spartan, Part 2

  1. I’ve lived a very Spartan lifestyle before and it wasn’t so bad. I think I might have mentioned it at one point in a post. And while now, my responsibilities with the kid has made it less practical to go to the extreme that I have in the past, I’ve been trimming the fat where I can.

    Today alone I cut my cell phone bill by about 60% just by taking a look at what I had, what I used, and realizing what I needed previously no longer applied and I made adjustments.

    I did the same thing with my cable bill since I watch very little tv and most of what I do is on regular tv. I still have some cable channels, but those are mostly for the kiddo.

    I don’t do a lot of bar hopping, and I don’t get out of hand with how much alcohol I buy. The majority of my drinks I buy at happy hour prices when I can and when happy hour is over, I slow down the pace.

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