QuickTips #3: No Mercy

I dropped Ariel on her ass last night. She crossed a line and I said goodbye.

Granted I predicted this in the hurricane date. Her craziness exploded exponentially during the last couple weeks. It climaxed with her telling me the Ex didn’t have fertility problems, Ariel deducted that she had had an abortion.

Now why would this piss me off? Bitch has only known me a month and has assumed a lot, but suggesting a bigger and deeper betrayal by the Ex on top of engineering the collapse of the marriage… she’s trying to manipulate me. Bring me into her fold with seeds of doubt more scarring than the actual event.

When you realize this, when a bitch plays games, with skill or badly, kick her to the curb. You have no reason to keep any woman who will fuck with you like that around, no matter how good the sex is.


3 responses to “QuickTips #3: No Mercy

  1. I’m wondering if you overreacted. I guess since there isn’t much info to go on, I can’t really call the situation better than you could.

    Nevertheless, good that you can be that dominant to draw that line and kick the chick to the curb. Most guys wouldn’t even have the balls to act that way.

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