Understanding Firearms

Another shooting, another round of hysteria.

I won’t run on or give history. I will make a simple statement.

Firearms are a natural right.

Humans have armed themselves since the dawn of time. Food, water, shelter, protection. Its basic survival. Every great urban civilization has had personal arms. We are no different.

We can have laws. We can pretend we are a peaceful people. It will not change that there are people out there who want to kill. It will not change the mentally ill or the nature of criminality.

It is your obligation as a living creature to protect yourself and your family. To trust that to others when you have the right to own a personal weapon defies logic. There are billions of people who  face much more dangerous societies than ours that are restricted from protecting themselves by tyrants.

A society that believes it is above human nature is a society that has its children murdered as we saw yesterday.


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