Bonfire, Part 2

Fuuuuuuucccccck, this sucks.

Withdrawal, how I’ve missed you.

I wish it was more Hulk-like. Irritble. Ready to pounce. Like you imagine when your girlfriend’s PMS hits litre sized Häagen-Dazs levels.

Its more like Jennifer Connelly sucking down cough syrup in Requiem. Caffeine. Sugar. Monster Energy. Anything to lessen my body dealing with the lack of nicotine.

The upside is that I’m sore as a motherfucker from using all that chemical energy to work out. I’ve also read, cleaned, ate a shit-ton and anything else I could think of. Keeping the mind away from the body.

For a good cause. A better body requires air, air requires lungs, lungs need not to have smoke in them.




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