Maximize Your Time

Back to work. Damn it feels good.

I’m back working on movies of the week (MOWs). My boss, the 1st Assistant Camera, is a decade plus veteran, telling stories of how it was in thd old days of union monopoly. The hard asses, the egos and power, telling the 2nd and myself how good we have it in the modern industry. The 1000 yard stare of film.

While the stories are all the same and his insistance of my green-ness in this culture, a teacher need not be 100% every second to give solid advice. The most important thing he has passed on is that you only have so much time.

These shoots are non union, but if they were there would be only a certain set of hours you could work. Being in camera department means looking after a shitload of things. So if I was on a union set, I would only have 12 hours on the dot to do everything from shoot, to organize for tomorrow, for paperwork and everything else. 12 hours goes by fast when the entire day is controlled chaos.

In life, the same goes. There is only so much time to get what you want done. So settle in, train yourself and use every minute you’ve got. Because every minute you waste is another minute closer to regretting what you never did.


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