Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Around me I see the greedy and the glutton.

I see the weak and the cowardly.

I see the pathetic, the desperate, the bastard sons and daughters of entitlement.

I cringe at their presence and I feel wrong when I interact with them.

I fill my needs and walk away, back to my room and pretend it never happened.

I feel as if these views are locked away, taboo in a free country.

I see the truth buried by the slime of unoffensive behavior.

I feel the world crack and crumble.

I hear it strain to be held together by the tiniest of hairs.

I watch, and I wonder, and I say:

I was once like you.

But no more.

I cannot abide your world.

So I shall make my own.


(Revised Feb 2013)

6 responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

  1. Congratulations Jordan, your ingestion of the red pill is complete. I went through much of what you did five years ago and now that I think back, it was the best thing possible to have happened to me.

    “The result has been a rising and giant personality unafraid of himself or the world. A cynical, witty writer who drinks, smokes, loves the classic rock and has an eye for the ladies.”

    Yup, all true…

    Now go lay some bitches…

  2. Hey Jordan, nice blog. Just found it a few minutes ago. Getting ready to add it to my blogroll and make it a regular read. I like your writing style… it’s smooth and quick. Big time brownie points to you for the Rolling Stones, Hank Moody, Jack Kerouac and classic rock mentions.

    Now…man, I hope you’ve been getting down to some “LA Woman” or other Doors’ songs in addition to the Stones.

    • Thanks man. I’ll put you on my roll too. And yes, when at The Sire I tend to put on a few Doors songs much to the chagrin of some of the hipsters there.

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