Saint Constantine XI Palaiologos

I have enough songs for another album, but I’m going to keep working on new sounds and new beats. This is my first full song using industrial beats coupled with a spiritual feeling. May be the new direction, maybe not, but I like it.

The title is the that of the last Byzantine Emperor, the last of the Roman emperors to some historians. He died throwing himself into battle against the Ottoman horde and died with his men. He hasn’t been canonized by the Orthodox Church (Turkish politics probably play into that), but many Greeks and others consider him a saint for his actions.

From Wikipedia:

Before the beginning of the siege, Mehmed II made an offer to Constantine XI. In exchange for the surrender of Constantinople, the emperor’s life would be spared and he would continue to rule in Mistra, to which, as preserved by G.Sphrantzes, Constantine’s reply was:

To surrender the city to you is beyond my authority or anyone else’s who lives in it, for all of us, after taking the mutual decision, shall die out of free will without sparing our lives.

He led the defence of the city and took an active part in the fighting alongside his troops in the land walls. At the same time, he used his diplomatic skills to maintain the necessary unity between the Genovese, Venetian and the Greek troops.

He died on 29 May 1453, the day the city fell. His last recorded words were: “The city is fallen and I am still alive”, and then he tore off his imperial ornaments as to let nothing to distinguish him from of any other soldier and led his remaining soldiers into a last charge where he was killed.

Although it is alleged by some like Sphrantzes, who doubted the truth of the story that the only way the Emperor was later identified was by his purple boots and that his body was decapitated and his head sent across Asia Minor to legitimize the victory, others claim that the Turks were never able to identify his body, and that he was very likely buried in a mass grave alongside his soldiers.

Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos

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