This Is When You Stand, Motherfucker

For the past two days I’ve been in Ottawa, the shining jewel that is Canada’s capital, hanging out with my sister. She lives there now. Working, going to school, having a life of her own. Its about 6-8 hours from Niagara Falls, so none of the family gets to see her often. Instead of me being the far away kid, its now her, the one who once promised to never leave home for fear of leaving our parents alone.

We went to a Matthew Good concert. Matt Good being my all time favorite musician. I don’t know why, but his music has always hit me in a way a lot of other music doesn’t. He does insanely deep and slow songs, hard rocking songs and just plain ol’ party songs with lyrics that are both meaningful and sometimes indecipherable.

The concert was the NAC, or national arts something with a C. There was more than just his concert there. There was a nice large line of old people probably going to see a play or some orchestra. Before we went in, I double fisted some beers and got in the party mood. After the opening band, I went out to down another one. Time to have fun and just rock out.

Sadly, it seemed, being in Ottawa’s arts building made some people antsy about standing during rocking songs. During several songs that would have a general admission venue crowd jumping, most of the audience just sat in their plush seats watching.

During my favorite song, Weapon, my sister and I stood up right at the start, recognizing the song after the first note. I looked around and noticed nobody else was up. This is a song that has a slow intro then hits you over the head. Some blazer wearing douche tapped my shoulder and said he couldn’t see. The intro was pretty loud, so he couldn’t hear me say “The fuck?” My sister refused to sit back down, but I dragged her. I knew what was coming and I bet he did too. It was fine, because only thirty seconds later the song exploded and we rose again as did many others in our section. I turned around for a moment to yell, “This is when you stand, motherfucker!” I could see him roll his eyes and slowly get up, so he could watch… watch! …a rock musical performance.

Yeah, its nice to see your favorite artist in concert, but he doesn’t play music so you don’t have to spill your chardonnay. Matt Good has been divorced, diagnosed bi-polar, nearly died from overdose during a manic episode and has had a load of other shit go on in his life, but if he can still party on stage like he did when I first saw him 10 years ago, you can fucking well stand up and enjoy the music.