The Bro and the Ho

Its part of my job to pick up two co-workers from two seperate locations in Toronto. Every shoot day its the Ho, then the Bro.

The Ho has a nice, thin body, but the shark jaw of the scariest predator of the seas. Half Italian, part Jew, all bitch screeching voice. She sits in the tiny Yaris like its a limo. Back seat on the passenger’s side. Today, she was ordering a custom handbag over the phone as I ferried her. On set, she has one job, but creates an atmosphere of cuntery by trying to push the rest of the crew to fit her timeline. More than once she’s been dressed down by her superiors to no avail.

The Bro is our host. Young looking, funny, charismatic, you’re his friend as soon as you two meet. From day one he’s sat in the front seat when I pick him up. He starts a conversation, asks about life and activities. There’s not a single person on set who says ill about him.

The Ho is Toronto’s monied class in a nutshell, despite her small mining town roots, this woman breathes our air and farts distain for the peons she doesn’t control.

The Bro is the everyman. Despite his position as top talent on our show, he has worked from the ground up to get there. Blood and tears. And he’s remembered every moment. And he hasn’t let it change him one bit.

Robert Lindsay: Manosphere a bunch of “psycho, reactionary, backwards, racist, fascist cavemen”

Annnnnd I quote:

The Manosphere is horrible. Do we need it or not? I don’t know. I’m a Masculinist who supports Men’s Liberation. Why don’t you give me two reasons why I should support a bunch of psycho, reactionary, backwards, racist, fascist cavemen? I mean, I’m a Leftist. What’s in this Manosphere horrorshow for me? I look at it and want to take off running as fast as I can.

Why do men need strong masculine environments nowadays? There are plenty of them around anyway if you ask me. Go join a hunting, fishing, taxidermy or gun nut, or even Republican or conservative forum on the Net. Testosterone poisoning as far as you can see. Or create your own little masculine world.

Unsurprisingly, the male and female hamsters look exactly alike

A Quick Post on Pride

A buddy of mine is still dealing with his ex majorly fucking him over. He said its hard to think of this other guy she was seeing having sex with her. He was deep in it with this chick, obviously.

I know the feeling, I told him. I still have a wife, legally, and some dude that shook my hand and welcomed me into his house as guest is now fucking her. He could of known all along, before we even visited him, that we was getting her. These are grounds for major violence in my code book. Yet, it doesn’t matter now. Its over. I have no recourse being so far away.

But what I told my friend is this:

men should be proud beings. angry or tame. violent or intelligent or both. whatever their personalities, pride is one thing a man should have and never have taken from him

And, in my case, despite not taking my revenge upon the two miscreants, I am still proud. I am free. I have grown into a true man. I take on my challenges and defeat them. I am building my life as I see fit. No one wants to cross me.

He has that to look forward to. His time in the sun, as all men should have, all men that have taken the Red Pill and broke from the chains of cunt and conformity. The pride of getting back up, brushing yourself off and charging back into the war that is life.