QuickTips #4: Shut Your Mouth

Know when to not talk.

My biggest problem nowadays is that I tend to go off on tangents or interject into conversations. Most of the time it’s relevant, but when it doesn’t meld with the rest of the group it’s quite noticeable. It can put you in a false position in the hierarchy. Given, I am not exactly the highest rank on set, my ability to project above it is already at a disadvantage, my speaking quirk doesn’t help.

This flaw makes you one of the girls. You’ll notice more and more that you come across as a good friend instead of a authority figure, which should always be your goal in the workplace no matter where you are on the food chain.

QuickTips #3: No Mercy

I dropped Ariel on her ass last night. She crossed a line and I said goodbye.

Granted I predicted this in the hurricane date. Her craziness exploded exponentially during the last couple weeks. It climaxed with her telling me the Ex didn’t have fertility problems, Ariel deducted that she had had an abortion.

Now why would this piss me off? Bitch has only known me a month and has assumed a lot, but suggesting a bigger and deeper betrayal by the Ex on top of engineering the collapse of the marriage… she’s trying to manipulate me. Bring me into her fold with seeds of doubt more scarring than the actual event.

When you realize this, when a bitch plays games, with skill or badly, kick her to the curb. You have no reason to keep any woman who will fuck with you like that around, no matter how good the sex is.

QuickTips #2: Game is Natural

When I started out I thought constantly when talking to girls. Do I comfort? Do I neg? Does she like me? A million what ifs thoughts every second. Now, it just comes out. I don’t think. I don’t worry.

After putting in the hours, game will come as natural to you as breathing. You won’t need to think back to a post you read or try to run a play that isn’t part of your personality. You’ll just work your strengths and soon enough the hook will get a bite.

Don’t think about game. Just do it and with hard work, your bed will be occupied more and more often.

QuickTips #1: Kill Your Heroes

It’s hard to pump out long post with my work schedule and social life. So, to fill the gaps, here is QuickTips.

The modern age is a safe age. To be a man now means little of our biological programming fits with the trends of a complex, half-assed equalist society. You look at a dog the wrong way and you will be arrested, let alone a woman. We have our places in the machine. Hard working but replaceable.

So what purpose do we have now? Middle men for middle men? Consumers of ever degrading pop culture? Fodder for incompetent nation builders?

In today’s age a man’s purpose is his own self improvement. Body mind and soul. The great heroes of our past are dead because there is no Great Society to fight for. No nation to back him. No army to lead. No leader worth bowing to. All he has is himself and with the right thinking he can mold himself into any hero he wants to be.