Poor Man’s Ensemble

Everyone has their own style, obviously. Some dress like this:

Suit up!

Some like this:

Captions are so mainstream.

And some… yeah:

Akron, represent!

This used to be me:

But now, I follow this route:

Not a major difference from these pics, but a simple combo of hat, t-shirt and jeans, rightly coordinated can go a long way. I rolled up on many a targets with the above and got hooks in. That’s the goal.

I have only one good pair of jeans that fit like a glove. They’re also ratted out, so it gives it some character. I’ve got one pair of white sneakers and a pair of black boots. Unless I’m not giving a shit, this poor man’s ensemble allows me to look decent.

Some shirt selections:

Since its starting to get freezing here, coats are a must. I have a leather jacket I got as part of my Christmas bonus from CBS many years ago. I also have a black BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) that’s a bit faded, but goes with the ample darks I wear. To add some color, I have a red button up short sleeve shirt to go with the few red shirts:

Most of these shirts I bought at Target or Walmart for less than $10 each. They fade quick, but they’re comfortable and they look good. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a ton of different shirts, go there. Sweatshops or no sweatshops, they work.

When I get some cash, I’ll invest in a suit. I used to hate them and thought I looked awful in them. I refused to dress up for most things. But, leave it to a wedding, my wedding, to prove otherwise.

I'd hit that.

I used to detest how other people dressed, thinking mine was the right way and authentic. They were corporate slaves and I was the rebel. I was the rebel… who dressed like he was kicked out of the closet. On a budget, you’ve got to keep an open mind about what works for you if you’re out on the town looking for a good time. It may not be your ideal, but unless you’re swinging the big bucks around, you won’t get the DG or the Tommy. You’ll be wearing the big box brands. And if you mix them right, wear them right and wear them with confidence, you’ll be able to pull in chicks the beta rich can only hiss at.


I like hats. I think they add to my image. I have my mother’s hair, which means its thick and unruly unless I wet it down. I’ve tried product, but it just doesn’t look right. So, with hats I go.

With hats, obviously, you need to find one that fits. My hats usually came from my dad. He’d get free swag on the jobs he’d go on, so I’d have an assortment of sponsor hats, Olympic hats, trucker hats, and so on. Very few actually fit right, but I wore them. This lead to me buying and wearing hats that ended up making me look more of a douche. Observe:

Swag, bitches.

Notice how much room there is between my ear and the bottom of the hat on the side. A good inch or more of hair can be seen. It means the hat doesn’t fit. Its not conforming to my head. Its laying on top of it as much as it can. Same evidence here:

I'm married, can't you tell?

Yeah… poof hair. Nice.

I’ve got a big ass head. In 3rd grade, we measured our heads for science class and I beat out everyone including the future 6’4, 250 pound linebacker. This dude was a good six inches bigger and 50 pounds heavier than me in class, but my noggin’ kicked his ass. It was a few years ago when I came across the hat shop Lidz. It sells flex fit hats from small to extra large, as well as the normal adjustable band hats. It was there that I picked up my first truly perfect fit hat. Volia!:

Fish: "Nice hat, bro."

The width between ear and hat is less than an inch. The hat looks like its covering the head, not gripping it for dear life. It’ll never be like a skully (or toque [too-k] as Canadian’s call it) and make your head vanish. Nor will it be anything like the infamous Scumbag Steve’s oversized purchase:


I’ve currently got three hats from Lidz. The red lambda, an homage to Sparta’s home symbol, but which everyone takes as frat or gay pride (fuck!), a plain black one and a Philadelphia Flyers hat. Each one is black, since it works with my clothes and each one fits just like the others.

If you want to wear hats, these are the basics I’d recommend. They aren’t much, but they work. Go with whatever fits your style, but go with what fits as well. One of my pre-Lidz hats ended up flying off of me and lost to the Utah wilderness because it didn’t fit. So, for all you big spenders, take that in to consideration. Also, and I’ll get into this later, if you wear hats a lot, work your hairstyle into it. Back in elementary, there are pictures of me with a fuckin’ ‘fro coming out of the sides of my head from my hat. Sexy as hell, I tell ya.

Vanishing Point

When the Ex got off of Facebook, the tagged pictures of me went down by around 200. Says a lot, eh? All the pictures of the trips, the normal days, the captured moments during odd times, all gone.

Good riddance.

I went back and checked the ones I had left. My confidence and my personality came across so blatantly.

Have a look.

Hey, baby.

Nothing says "wanna fuck" than the slouched held tilt.

This picture was taken from inside my ex's pussy.

Yeah, they’re all from the same place (Los Padres National Park), but its all there. No posture, no concept of image or style, love of cutesy framing. Yay…

My next few posts will cover how I dress. Picking, buying, why I think it works. It ain’t no G-style, but its what works for me. And its a helluva lot better than what’s above.